Thursday, February 24, 2005


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Randa looked out of her window, the sunshine was warm and gentle on her face, slipping a crop top on over her 38B chest sliding her black shorttails on with short black high-heeled boots. Summers heat would soon be upon the day. pussy peeing panties
Randa pee fisting pics movies to school down the tree lined covered streets. Looking up a few houses she saw Mr. Fairburn, he was just coming out of his door. Randa watched the hard man walking toward his truck.

Randa could feel her clit contract as she lusted after the father of her pissing pics good friend Robert. Graham was six-feet tall weighing 200 lbs of solid muscle, he was a landscape architect, he was alone now his wife had left him years ago hentai and hardcore and bondage and piss and piss a woman. Randa thought she had lost her mind he was so hot and intelligent with a dirty sense of humor.

Randa was getting closer to the house when Graham looked up and saw the young Randa. Graham's bulge began to grow as he watched that hot wench body sauntered up the street in front of him. Graham had looked directly at her breasts because he wanted to suck those luscious animals until the end of time.

"Hello, Mr. Fairburn hope you are having a nice day," said Randa as she peeing videos walking down the street, pausing again, "It is sooo hot, it makes me feel good."

"How would you like a ride to school? It is a bit hot to be walking now," said Graham as Randa was walking up the driveway.

"That would be very kind of you Graham," said Randa in a soft voice.

Graham knew this could be dangerous, he could feel his cock growing harder by the difficulty urinating dry mouth thirst edema Randa was so hot in a cool sort of way, she had a quiet sex kitten appeal hidden by an all American look. Opening the door to the Rover. Randa turned giving him a full French kiss with sky rocketing heat. Graham walked around to the driver's side of the Rover getting in pulling out a few moments later.

Randa massaged Graham's thigh peeing videos as they were driving, with long smooth strokes that end at his crotch. He tried to be quiet then all of a sudden he moaned and with his right hand he unzipped his pants guiding her hand to his pulsating cock.

"Do you want me to take you to school or where do you want to go?" asked Graham. Stroking her hand, then grasping her fingers.

"Don't take me to school, beyond that, we can go and do whatever you want stud," cooed Randa. She stroked his hand. Driving for fifteen minutes they stopped at a pissing lesbian mpeg trail inside the park.

Getting out of the Rover, they walked down by a small creek than ran through the park. Reaching the creek, this is when Graham pulls his pants and briefs off Pee Girl as he watched Randa strip giving him quite a show stretching her arms down to her clit and rubbing her bush furiously sliding one finger piss tgp her and pinching her tits with her free hand. She moaned telling magic shoes erotic story him to come and give her candy, Randa knew he loved the baby-school girl type of talk she was doing now. Stretching peeing videos out on the old log.

With her eyes closed she knew he was close as a shade appear then feeling the strength of his mouth on her clit as he rammed his tongue deep into her steamy hot clit, wriggling her body began to buck with fire she began to thrust high in the air telling him to slam her with his peeing cinema frame. She wanted to feel his body hard against her now.

Then with a groan Graham slide his massive cock into her screaming with passion Randa begged him to go harder and deeper. Pulling him to her she got his nipple into her mouth suckling it with deep long strokes going back and forth between the two. Randa peeing videos lost in a sexual frenzy. Then Graham slipped out of her and flipped her rabbit pee litter trained inserting his lips pee cup her anus loud slurping gurgling sounds were heard with made Randa get to her knees and spread her legs wide apart.

He was in heaven this baby girl was the most innovative woman he ever had. This was going to be the start of a wonderful adventure for the two. He knew she was like a drug that he would always be addicted to. After feasting on each other they laid in the hot sunshine then went for a long swim in the creek.

On the way home Graham asked Randa if she would like to go on a drive tomorrow or next week so he could get her some special adult content pissing sample Graham had some plans for his baby now lesbian pee girls he had finally tasted the nectar of her golden cave.


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